SMM 029: Triumphs + Struggles Mothering a Special Needs Child || Kay West

Episode 29 of the podcast is my first time having a guest back for a second interview. In episode 7 of the podcast I interviewed Kay West and shared her faith-filled motherhood story of infertility, adoption, and miscarriage. Today, I have Kay back as a guest to discuss both the triumphs and struggles she has faced with her daughter, Eden, who is a special needs child.

Show Recap


Eden was adopted at birth and due to choices made by her birth mother has brain damage, asthma, autism and will someday need a cornea transplant. Kay shares how God revealed to her early in Eden’s life that although her body is damaged, her spirit is perfect. Kay also discusses how Eden’s condition has affected her other child, Isaac.


When Eden entered middle school, Kay and her husband started to notice negative changes in Eden. As she started to regress, Kay discovered Eden was being bullied at school. She shares how their family handled this heartbreaking situation and what they did to help Eden.

Kay gives a message of hope to mothers who discover their child is being bullied. She says to help your child feel validated and to know home is a safe place to come for support. Kay also recommends to other mothers to pray and listen to that intuition to know how best to help a child. She shares the process she and her husband go through to know how to help both Eden and Isaac in difficult situations.

Sharing Kindness

One of the good things that has come from Eden’s experiences being bullied is Kay and her husband have helped their children start an online shop called Quietly Being Kind. The shop features postcards with Eden’s artwork and kindness quote that can be purchased and sent to others as a reminder to be kind. Kay’s children share a portion of the proceeds of the shop with an organization that helps children. They also hope to feature other children like Eden to help raise awareness of the importance of showing kindness.

Kay’s journey of raising a special needs child has not been easy. Although she doesn’t always see it in the moment, Kay can look back and see God’s hand guiding her in motherhood. She knows He didn’t send any of us here to fail. As long as we keep trusting Him, he will open the path.

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To purchase postcards and find out more about the mission behind Kay’s kids’ shop, go to Quietly Being Kind.

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