SMM 050: How Promptings From God Can Be Hard + Good At The Same Time||Rachel Nielson

Episode 50! I can’t believe I am even typing that and I am so honored to share my interview with Rachel Nielson for this milestone episode. Rachel is married to Ryan and they have two children, Noah, who is adopted and Sally, who was conceived through IVF. If you’re not familiar with Rachel, you will… Continue reading

SMM 029: Triumphs + Struggles Mothering a Special Needs Child || Kay West

Episode 29 of the podcast is my first time having a guest back for a second interview. In episode 7 of the podcast I interviewed Kay West and shared her faith-filled motherhood story of infertility, adoption, and miscarriage. Today, I have Kay back as a guest to discuss both the triumphs and struggles she has… Continue reading

SMM 009: From Adoptee to Birth Mother, A Motherhood Story Shaped by Adoption + Love || Jori Reid

¬†On Adoption and Motherhood “Adoption is about love. Birth mothers place their babies because they love them [and] because they are doing what they think is best for them.” –Jori Reid “Motherhood is the highest calling we could have on earth. It is so sacred just to have these little spirits that we get to… Continue reading