SMM 009: From Adoptee to Birth Mother, A Motherhood Story Shaped by Adoption + Love || Jori Reid

 On Adoption and Motherhood

“Adoption is about love. Birth mothers place their babies because they love them [and] because they are doing what they think is best for them.” –Jori Reid

“Motherhood is the highest calling we could have on earth. It is so sacred just to have these little spirits that we get to raise for a short time. …And all the help we can get is huge. It really does take a village and that village starts with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.”  –Jori Reid

Show Recap

Adoption is a common theme in Jori Reid’s motherhood story. She has not adopted a child, but Jori herself was adopted at the age of 6 months. Her adoption was closed, and she never knew anything about her birth mother, but because of her birth mother’s decision to place her for adoption, Jori enjoyed an amazing childhood filled with love and support.

Many questions about her birth parents were unanswered growing up, but Jori learned a lot about what her birth mother must have gone through when Jori herself was a 20-year-old college student with an unplanned pregnancy.

Adoption is not for everyone, but Jori knew it was the right decision for her and her unborn baby. She tells how she came to this decision and gives advice to those considering placing a baby for adoption.

Jori wholeheartedly believes that “adoption is about love.” She shares both the grief and blessings, including finding her birth mother, she felt after placing her baby and how having an open adoption has helped her to heal.

Although Jori is now married and she and her husband have four children of their own (including twins and one baby that came as an unplanned home birth!), Jori knows “being a mother doesn’t mean you have to give birth.” She is grateful to her own birth mother. Jori knows she has been blessed by her decision to be a birth mother and help someone else become a mother. Her story is a beautiful example of the love, sacrifice, and faith of motherhood.

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