SMM 097: How to Teach the Gospel to Teens in a Way that Avoids Lectures and Promotes Connection || Jerry Gerard

I’ve been hinting at it forever. Introducing my brand new course! I’m so happy to give you a sneak peak into my new course, The Latter-day Mom’s Guide to Spiritually Empowering Your Teen. Episode 97 is actually module 1 of the course. I am airing the interview for module 1 on the podcast for free,… Continue reading

SMM 095: Why You Need Other People to Help You Mother|| Rhonda Steed

When Rhonda Steed became a mom 17 years ago she quickly learned an important lesson–you need other people to help you mother. In this episode, Rhonda talks about various ways she has brought others into her children’s lives and how these people filled gaps she couldn’t fill herself, which greatly blessed her children. Ultimately, Rhonda… Continue reading