SMM 007: Turning to God Through Infertility, Adoption and Miscarriage || Kay West

On turning to God, Kay West had this to say:

“When I  turned to Him, I found that I am a daughter of God and that is worth so much. Nothing about me is broken. He sent me to this earth at this time with the body that I have for a reason. He put me on my path in life for a reason and whatever that reason is, it’s perfect because He wanted me to do something that only I could do.”

Show Recap

I haven’t met many mothers who have been through as much as Kay West has on the journey of motherhood. Her story has a happy ending with the adoption of two long-awaited and beautiful children. However, Kay also knows the heartache of infertility, miscarriage and the grief of a third adoption that did not happen. Her story is so heavy and full of trials that I was completely caught off guard by how happy I felt during this interview. Even as she shares the most painful moments of her life, her hope and joy shine through and I walked away feeling so uplifted by her words.

We talk about her expectations of motherhood and the fun way she deals with strangers who ask why her children don’t resemble her Asian background. Kay also emotionally shares her anger toward God and her ups and downs in her relationship with Him. During infertility, her husband told her one thing that changed her perspective. He said, “You can either turn away from Heavenly Father or you can turn toward Him.” Kay knew she had a choice. It wasn’t easy but she chose to turn toward God.

Though her daughter has special needs that are easy to see, Kay has learned we all have something that makes us not whole. She knows her trials of motherhood are not a punishment and she isn’t broken. Kay shares a beautiful message of hope for any mother who feels she is less than another mother in the eyes of God.

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