SMM 019: Connection Through Trials + The Power of Vulnerability to Bring Women Together || Danelle Beckstrand

Today my guest is Danelle Beckstrand. Danelle is married to Tyler and they enjoy traveling and watching movies. Danelle loves connection with others and started a blog called We Call it a Journey as a way to find a support system and open up about her struggles with infertility.  She has learned we don’t face the same trials, but we have so much in common with each other that connects us together. 

Show Recap

If I could use one word to describe what this episode is about, it would be “connection.” Danelle shares about her and her husband’s 5 1/2 year journey through infertility. Through her own experiences she has learned that “pain is pain and hurt is hurt.” We don’t all face the same challenges in life, but we are connected a lot more than we think. 

We discuss how to avoid feeling like we have no control in a challenge and how we always have a choice. Danelle shares how her trials with infertility are similar to the trials of motherhood and how woman can unite and help each other.

Infertility has brought heartache and loneliness to Danelle, but she knows isolation is not the answer. Danelle believes connection comes from vulnerability and sharing. “Humanity is connected through trial.”

I really loved our conversation about how to help someone who is struggling. Danelle said, “Compassion is about being observant.” And Danelle completed shifted my perspective on the word “brokenness” and shares how she pictures God molding her and shaping her into the person He wants her to be.

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Show Notes

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Check out Danelle’s shop. All proceeds go to help Danelle and Tyler raise funds for IVF treatments. I have the gold Journey necklace and I love it!

Quote by Sheri Dew: “Motherhood is more than bearing children. … It is the essence of who we are as women.”

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