SMM 017: Life as a Military Family + Appreciating Motherhood After Infertility + Trusting God’s Timing || Noralee Jones

My guest in episode 17 of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast is Noralee Jones. Her husband is a naval officer, they have three children under the age of 4 and they just moved to a new state. She goes by Mrs. Navy Mama on social media and writes on her blog about motherhood and life as a military family. Her motherhood story includes infertility, parenting on her own while her husband is away, moving frequently and trusting in God’s timing.

Show Recap

In this episode, Noralee shares about the six year struggle she and her husband went through to have children and what she learned from that time in her life. She describes what it’s like to be a military family, which means moving about every two years and having her husband away more than half of the time.

Noralee gives her top three things for getting through the hard days of overwhelm and loneliness. (Hint: one of them is chocolate!) She also talks about her take on self-care and how it’s not selfish for a mom to spend time away doing things she loves.

To combat the loneliness and isolation of motherhood, Noralee recommends “finding your tribe” and “joining the group.”  To other mothers who struggle and feel alone, Noralee’s advice is to not judge what you think people are thinking about you because you don’t know what they are thinking.

At the end of this episode, Noralee talks about the “game changer in her testimony on faith” in motherhood.  I was surprised to find that it wasn’t infertility. Initially, this trial made her feel selfish and terrible but ultimately led her to trust Heavenly Father and His timing.

Noralee sees God’s hand in her motherhood in the ordinary, everyday things and knows her work as a mother is divine.

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