SMM 019: Connection Through Trials + The Power of Vulnerability to Bring Women Together || Danelle Beckstrand

Today my guest is Danelle Beckstrand. Danelle is married to Tyler and they enjoy traveling and watching movies. Danelle loves connection with others and started a blog called We Call it a Journey as a way to find a support system and open up about her struggles with infertility.  She has learned we don’t face the… Continue reading

SMM 017: Life as a Military Family + Appreciating Motherhood After Infertility + Trusting God’s Timing || Noralee Jones

My guest in episode 17 of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast is Noralee Jones. Her husband is a naval officer, they have three children under the age of 4 and they just moved to a new state. She goes by Mrs. Navy Mama on social media and writes on her blog about motherhood and life as a… Continue reading

SMM 014: How to Recognize God in Simple Ways + Battle Loneliness and Negative Thoughts || Michelle Garfield

Recognize God in Simple Ways “This challenge really was an answer to a prayer for me, which is why I jumped on it the second that I saw it. … It’s changed my life and it was so simple. That’s what I loved about this challenge was that it wasn’t like I had to be… Continue reading