SMM 014: How to Recognize God in Simple Ways + Battle Loneliness and Negative Thoughts || Michelle Garfield

Recognize God in Simple Ways

“This challenge really was an answer to a prayer for me, which is why I jumped on it the second that I saw it. … It’s changed my life and it was so simple. That’s what I loved about this challenge was that it wasn’t like I had to be immersed spiritually for eight hours a day. It was just simple little things, recognizing what I need to do to feel the Spirit and feel God in my life more and more importantly to recognize it.” –Michelle Garfield

Show Recap

Today I am interviewing Michelle Garfield. I met Michelle through Instagram when she participated in the challenge I did, Five Ways to Become a More Spiritually Minded Mom. She shared with me the things she learned from doing the challenge and how it helped her with her relationship with God. I invited her to come on the podcast so we could dive in more.

Michelle loves being a mom and loves how motherhood has helped her to learn and grow and improve herself. She talks about how she deals with the hard days in motherhood and how God taught her about resiliency. She has learned to recognize angels in her life, both seen and unseen, as communication with God.

Loneliness has been a part of Michelle’s motherhood experience, and she has an amazing perspective on how to overcome feeling left out. “If you’re not invited to the party, then throw the party yourself.”  Michelle has great ideas about how to reach out and create a community right where you are.

Michelle is real and candid. She shares how her experience with the Five Ways to Become a More Spiritually Minded Mom challenge changed her perspective on how God communicates with her. Michelle knows her thoughts are directly connected to her relationship with God, so she is working to change her thinking.

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Here is the quote Michelle shared: “No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child.” –Jeffrey R. Holland

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