SMM 012: Five Ways to Become a More Spiritually Minded Mom Challenge

Show Recap

In episode 12 I’m sharing why I started the podcast and some of the lessons I have personally learned since becoming a podcaster. Spoiler alert: the best part of podcasting for me has been all of the amazing moms like you whom I have met and connected with.

In the episode I talk about a common topic that keeps coming up for me in social media interactions and in real life conversations I have had since I started Spiritually Minded Mom. The topic is that many moms don’t feel like they know how God speaks to them and don’t really feel him on a regular basis.

I haven’t been able to get these conversations out of my head and I have felt prompted to do something more than the podcast to reach my main goal of helping moms feel hope, joy and God’s hand in motherhood. So, I’ve created a challenge for you called Five Ways to Become a More Spiritually Minded Mom.

The Challenge

Here’s how the challenge will work. Right now you can sign up to be a part of the challenge by going HERE.   If you sign up, I will email you a workbook over the weekend. The challenge will start this Monday, June 18th and will go every day until Friday, June 22nd. In the workbook, you will find pages for each day with things to ponder and action to take. Each day will focus on a different way you can be a more spiritually minded mom.

Each day I will also be going on Instagram stories on the Spiritually Minded Mom Instagram account to talk about the challenge. There will be a post as well where you can share what you are learning and connect with others who are doing the challenge.

What if you are seeing this after the challenge is over but you still want to do it? No problem. The workbook will still be available HERE on the website and I will save the video stories on Instagram. 

The challenge is not a checklist or a formula or a one size fits all approach to developing a relationship with God. The challenge is meant to help you learn more about how God speaks to YOU uniquely as an individual. I also hope the challenge will help you to see God’s hand in your life in places you may not have recognized before.

To get access to the workbook, you can go HERE to enter your email address. I will email you the workbook to download shortly before the challenge starts. The download will also be available after the challenge so you can click and request it anytime. Feel free to follow along on Instagram or just do it on your own.

I hope the challenge helps you see and feel more fully God as your partner in motherhood.

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Get access to the Five Ways to Become a More Spiritually Minded Mom workbook by clicking HERE.

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