SMM 052: How to Really Define Success in Motherhood||Chantel Allen

My guest for episode 52 is Chantel Allen. Chantel is a mom, a wife and also a certified life coach. She is passionate about offering encouragement, to others through her coaching and podcast, Find Your Beautiful You. Through her training and personal experiences, Chantel has learned the true definition of success in motherhood. Listen to… Continue reading

SMM 037: How to Create Thoughts to Love Your Children Better || Lisa Funk

Create Thoughts In this episode of the Spiritually Minded Mom Podcast I interview Lisa Funk.  You may know Lisa from her business and Instagram account, Hand Lettered Design.  Lisa’s business focuses on hand lettering as well as creativity. She also shares about mindfulness.  Lisa has learned to change her expectations and create thoughts to love… Continue reading

SMM 015: Balance + Overcoming Feelings of Failure + True Self-Care in Motherhood || Elise Curtis

Show Recap Elise Curtis is a wife, mom to three and an entrepreneur. In addition to a photography and a Maskcara business, Elise is also the founder of SALT, an LDS retreat that offers a place for women to come together to feel the Spirit and connect. During our conversation Elise and I have a… Continue reading

SMM 014: How to Recognize God in Simple Ways + Battle Loneliness and Negative Thoughts || Michelle Garfield

Recognize God in Simple Ways “This challenge really was an answer to a prayer for me, which is why I jumped on it the second that I saw it. … It’s changed my life and it was so simple. That’s what I loved about this challenge was that it wasn’t like I had to be… Continue reading