SMM 052: How to Really Define Success in Motherhood||Chantel Allen

My guest for episode 52 is Chantel Allen. Chantel is a mom, a wife and also a certified life coach. She is passionate about offering encouragement, to others through her coaching and podcast, Find Your Beautiful You. Through her training and personal experiences, Chantel has learned the true definition of success in motherhood.

Listen to hear Chantel’s insights on how you can benefit from changing your thoughts. She gives a great exercise you can use to figure out what is going on inside your brain.

Chantel talks about the lessons she learned from experiencing unexplained seizures as well as having a son dealing with anxiety. Her story illustrates so well how God is aware of us. Chantel’s experiences show how God weaves our experiences together for our good.

Finally, you’ll hear how to really define success in motherhood. Guess what? Success has nothing to do with your kids. Chantel shares how she has learned to show up in motherhood as her best self as well as not tie her worth to her kids’ behavior.

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Show Notes

Find out more about Jody Moore.

Get a free thought download worksheet to help you do a thought download, and then answer questions on the thought download to help you evaluate your thoughts. 

Hear Chantel talk more about thought downloads and the “Marie Kondo Effect” on episode 11 of her podcast, Find Your Beautiful You.

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