SMM 063: How to Embrace Agency + Increase Love as a Mother || Shelley Swapp

Welcome to the final episode of season 2. I am taking a short break from the podcast and will be back in September with more faith-filled interviews for you.

In episode 63, my guest is Shelley Swapp. Shelley shares what she hopes her children will remember about her as a mom.

Motherhood Challenges

She also gives insights into the challenges her family has faced in the past few years. As a mother, she has watched her children deal with moving, brain injury, physical special needs, mental health challenges and faith crisis.

No Checklist to Perfect Kids

Shelley shares how she always believed there was a “checklist” of things to do as a mom. If she could just check all of the things on the list off, like family home evening, scripture study, attending church and the temple, etc., all of our children would turn out exactly as she planned. But Shelley shares how she has learned that’s not what the Gospel is about. She gives her insights on agency, something we fought valiantly for before we came to earth.

Instead of a “checklist,” Shelley discusses how “The true test of motherhood is who I become and the true test of fatherhood is who my husband becomes and not who my children become.”

She openly admits she and her husband weren’t perfect parents but can honestly say they have always loved their children.

Preserving Relationships

Shelley shares how she has persevered her relationship with her children, especially as some have chosen to leave the church. She shares how realizing our Heavenly Parents don’t sit in heaven wringing their hands has helped her to avoid worrying as well. She knows her children are on their own journey and it’s not about her.

The Power of Scripture

Both the Book of Mormon and the Bible have been huge helps to Shelley in her life as a mother. She describes the Book of Mormon as an entire book about families who were fighting valiantly to keep their children in the Gospel. She attributes the stories of Jesus found in the Bible to helping her get to a place where she can love and accept her children where they are.

Her Son’s Perspective

In preparation for the interview, Shelley spoke with her son who has recently experienced a faith crisis. She shares the advice he would gives to family members who are struggling to understand why someone would leave.

Why Heaven is Close

Ultimately, Shelley shares her testimony that heaven is so close. We can recognize tender mercies and angels here on earth. She acknowledges God’s hand in her life and knows He is helping her and her children.

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Show Notes

Light the Fight Podcast with Heidi Swapp and David Kozlowski.

Talk by Elder Robert D. Hales, With all the Feeling of a Tender Parent, April 2004 General Conference

Talk by President Henry B. Eyring, A Home Where the Spirit of the Lord Dwells, April 2019 General Conference

This is the quote by President Eyring Shelley referenced in the interview from the talk above.

“Some have tried with full heart for that blessing, yet it has not been granted. My promise to you is one that a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles once made to me. I had said to him that because of choices some in our extended family had made, I doubted that we could be together in the world to come. He said, as well as I can remember, ‘You are worrying about the wrong problem. You just live worthy of the celestial kingdom, and the family arrangements will be more wonderful than you can imagine.'”

Listen to Shelley’s daughter share her story on episode 6 of the podcast, Still Tripin’

Read more about Shelley’s motherhood journey in an article she wrote on the Awaiting Rainbows website.

Listen to a previous episode with similar stories: Episode 62, How to Show Unconditional Love When Loved Ones Don’t Share Your Faith

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SMM 060: Why You Can Have Joy in the Middle of Hard Things || Stephanie Piacitelli

Stephanie Piacitelli, my guest for episode 60, is someone who has learned to find joy in the middle of hard things.

In October 2014, Stephanie and her husband, Bryant, were living a normal life with their four children. But near the end of that month, everything changed in an instant. Bryant was on his way to work as a police officer when he was struck on his motorcycle by a driver who ran a red light. Bryant was killed and Stephanie was left a widow with four young children.

Losing Her Husband

In the interview, Stephanie shares about her life before Bryant passed away and the details of the day he was killed. She talks about how she shared the heartbreaking news with her children that their father had been killed.

One of her first thoughts was forgiveness for the person who hit her husband. Her second thought was that she and her family were loved. She knew they had so many people around them who loved them.

Stephanie shares the tender mercies she received from God prior to her husband’s death that did not lessen the shock but did leave her with the knowledge she was loved. She didn’t know it at the time, but as she looks back, she can see how God was preparing her and giving her what she needed.

Submitting Her Will to God

During her grief, Stephanie had a pivotal moment when she was able to turn everything over to God. She said, “This was a test for me. Am I really willing to put my trust in my Heavenly Father, in an all-knowing, all-loving God? Am I able to do that?… These experiences that we go through, are for our own good. We may not see it in the moment, but if we will allow the refiner’s fire to allow Heavenly Father to mold us into the person that He needs us to become, we will be better off than what we may have thought.”

Stephanie used the word “liberating” when talking about surrendering her will to God. We discussed the miracle of giving your will to the One who matters most and how surrendering will change your life.

“God will not forsake me” was on repeat in Stephanie’s mind for months after her husband’s death and is how she ultimately got through the darkest days.

Knowing Her Children’s Needs

Stephanie also shares how prayer and relying on the spirit have helped her know the individual needs of her four children who lost their dad. She also talks about how she uses these same skills to help the four step children she is mothering since remarrying.

Joy in the Middle of Hard Things

Overall, Stephanie’s story illustrates well it is possible to have faith and trust, even during difficult challenges. Stephanie knows “Joy is possible, even in the midst of hard things.” God makes this possible.

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SMM 059: How to Be the Expert +Advocate for Your Child||Cheryl Cardall

I first interviewed Cheryl Cardall in episode 23 about overcoming weakness and using humor in motherhood. Cheryl is back and we are diving in to talk about what Cheryl has learned in 20 years of motherhood. You’ll also hear why Cheryl believes you should be the expert and advocate for your child.

Cheryl talks about a recent moment when she realized she was doing better as a mom than she thought she was. She shares how motherhood refines us and makes us better. Cheryl believes you can do more than just survive in motherhood. You can thrive.

We also have a discussion about why a mother’s worth isn’t determined by what her kids do. Cheryl has learned to be good with herself no matter what her kids do. “Their behavior has no reflection on me.”

Cheryl also discusses her recent experiences learning how to be an expert and advocate for one of her children struggling with mental health issues.

Recently, both Cheryl and her husband were prompted to get a dog for their family. She talks about how they trusted this prompting and how having a dog has been a huge blessing for their whole family. Her story illustrates so well that God cares about everything in our lives and why you can trust and act on the promptings you get.

Cheryl has seen and felt God the most when she has felt she isn’t enough. She discusses how a common answer from God for her has been to “Love them through it.”

“Motherhood is the perfect way to learn about the atonement. We are not enough on our own but when we use God and our Savior as our partner, somehow we are.”

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Show Notes

Here is the quote Cheryl shared by Dr. Christina Hibbert: “The fruit of motherhood isn’t how your kids turn out. It’s how you turn out.”

See the Instagram post by @reflectionsofchrist about the parenting advice to repent fast and frequently I mentioned in the episode. (I think I said it was about forgiveness in the episode, but it’s about repentance.)

This is the quote Cheryl shared by Janet Lansbury: “It can be really tough to remember how emotionally immature children are because they can be so impressively intelligent, capable, and aware. When they seem deliberately bratty or downright mean, we’ll need to remind ourselves: These are tiny people with incredibly low impulse control who are very easily overwhelmed. In the moment, it may feel like our kids are out to get us, but it is actually that their impulses have gotten the better of them.”

Books Cheryl recommends:
The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Dan Siegel
The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults by Frances E. Jensen

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SMM 055: How to Find Answers from a Position of Faith + Know Christ is a Champion of Women || Bergen Hyde

I am happy to welcome Bergen Hyde to the podcast. Bergen is the co-founder and creative director of WOMB, which you’ll more about in the interview. Bergen is married and has 3 children. Her number one passion is women’s issues, especially within the context of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she loves helping other women claim their power.

In the interview, Bergen shares three amazing lessons she has learned in motherhood.

Lesson 1: I’m happier and more fulfilled when I am an agent in my own life.

Bergen shares about how she came to know that motherhood was a choice she was making and how she realized she could choose something different. I loved her thoughts about how choosing from a whole place and with God’s guidance helps things work out.

Lesson 2: I can engage the Lord in hard questions from a position of faith.

If you are struggling or have ever struggled with questions about God, you will want to hear what Bergen has to say. She believes when we ask questions from a position of faith and find answers, we can help to make changes. She asks questions with the assumption she has heavenly parents who love her. Our discussion also addressed dealing with feelings of not receiving answers from God.

Lesson 3: Christ is a champion of women.

Bergen shared her own story of letting go of the darkness she felt inside. She talks about how she learned to feel the feelings and let them out but how she still did not feel whole.

She shares her experience of filling the hole she felt inside by turning to Christ.

No matter what wounds we have. No matter how dark. No matter how deep, Christ can heal them. … Christ is the only one who can fully heal those things for us. … His arms were always stretched out to me.

Bergen Hyde

Bergen’s story illustrates so well that learning to come to the Savior is a process. Her story gives hope to anyone who is struggling.

This episode also emphasizes how sharing our stories helps us remember we are not alone and offers hope. Bergen encourages other women to create the conversations they wish were happening.

Ultimately, Bergen shares how she knows the Savior “softens everything and sweetens everything and makes things holy.”

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Show Notes

Womb Sisters is holding a retreat on June 8th. You can go HERE to find the details.

Bergen and I will both be speaking at the upcoming SALT Gathering in Salt Lake City on September 14th. You can get details and buy your ticket HERE. Use the code “Darla10” for $10 off.

You can go HERE to listen to my interview with the creator of the SALT Gathering, Elise Curtis.

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SMM 052: How to Really Define Success in Motherhood||Chantel Allen

My guest for episode 52 is Chantel Allen. Chantel is a mom, a wife and also a certified life coach. She is passionate about offering encouragement, to others through her coaching and podcast, Find Your Beautiful You. Through her training and personal experiences, Chantel has learned the true definition of success in motherhood.

Listen to hear Chantel’s insights on how you can benefit from changing your thoughts. She gives a great exercise you can use to figure out what is going on inside your brain.

Chantel talks about the lessons she learned from experiencing unexplained seizures as well as having a son dealing with anxiety. Her story illustrates so well how God is aware of us. Chantel’s experiences show how God weaves our experiences together for our good.

Finally, you’ll hear how to really define success in motherhood. Guess what? Success has nothing to do with your kids. Chantel shares how she has learned to show up in motherhood as her best self as well as not tie her worth to her kids’ behavior.

How to Listen

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Show Notes

Find out more about Jody Moore.

Get a free thought download worksheet to help you do a thought download, and then answer questions on the thought download to help you evaluate your thoughts. 

Hear Chantel talk more about thought downloads and the “Marie Kondo Effect” on episode 11 of her podcast, Find Your Beautiful You.

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