SMM 039: Simplifying Motherhood + Seeing Your Body as a Gift || Chanelle Neilson

On this episode of the Spiritually Minded Mom Podcast, I interview a fellow podcaster. Her name is Chanelle Neilson and her podcast is Moms Who Know. We talk about how she has simplified motherhood. Chanelle’s story includes struggles with body image, and she share how God helped her see her body as a gift.

Simplifying Motherhood

Chanelle shares her parenting philosophy of letting her kids dictate their own play and creativity. In addition, she talks about her simplified approach to mothering.

At one point, Chanelle felt overly stressed as a mom. She discusses how having a morning routine really changed her outlook. This small change helped Chanelle stay more calm throughout the day.

Seeing Your Body as a Gift

Chanelle shares her personal struggles with body image and unhealthy eating habits. After years of struggling, she tells about the eye opening moment that helped her put body image struggles behind her.  She gives some great advice for anyone who is currently struggling with any long-term issue.

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Show Notes

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Go here to learn more about Chanelle’s courses for morning routines, body transformation and more.

Chanelle mentioned the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

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SMM 028: Not Comparing The Way You Love + Owning Your Spiritual Gifts || Tessa Brown

Tessa Brown is my guest today on the podcast. She’s a wife and a mom to two boys ages 2 and 4. She’s also an artist and has a beautiful Instagram account where she shows her incredible talent of artwork depicting motherhood and Jesus Christ. She has learned to embrace the spiritual gifts God has given her and has found a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as she pleads for help in becoming the mother He wants her to be.

Show Recap

Tessa relates the story of Moana facing the lava monster and how this story helped her in motherhood to know who she is and who God wants her to be. Tessa tells how she found painting early in motherhood to give her a place to focus so she could go back to her family and give more.

Growth Mindset

Tessa has developed a growth mindset about motherhood and shares some doable ways she has developed that mindset in her life.

Her advice to other moms is to figure out what makes you feel love for yourself, for God and for your kids and then to be aware of those things and seek them out. Tessa says to notice the times when you feel love and focus on those things.


For Tessa, what always speaks the loudest in motherhood to her is to just love her children. She knows the only thing that lasts is love. What motivate is love. “Christ makes me feel that I am more than I am. … I want my kids to feel that from me.”

Tessa shares beautifully how she developed a deeper relationship with the Savior. She used to picture Christ standing over her shaking his head as a disappointed coach. Now she views Him as a cheerleader and friend who encourages her throughout her day, no matter what has happened.

Tessa feels it is important not to compare the way you show love to the way another mother shows love. “You have a divine way to love your kids.” Own it.


Through her artwork, Tessa hopes mothers will feel love and that they are enough.

“I would love my art to bring mothers back to those moments when love was really all that matters because I feel that really is all that matters. If you do a lot of things wrong, but you get the love part right, I think you and your kids will have a great relationship. That’s what we’re striving for.”

Spiritual Gifts

Throughout the interview, Tessa talked about spiritual gifts and how a mother can use the gifts she’s been given in motherhood.  We had a great discussion about owning your gifts and not being afraid to claim them. Tessa shares a great insight on using what you’ve been given and why don’t have to be “everything” to your kids.

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