SMM 078: Why a Deep Relationship With God is the Best Way to Be a Better Mother||Melissa Buckley

Today I’m interviewing Melissa Buckley. We talk about her journey of learning that developing a deep relationship with God was the best way for her to become a better mother.

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Surrendering Before the Miracle

Melissa talks about infertility and a priesthood blessing from her dad that led her husband to declare to her, “Our God is a God of miracles.”

In the blessing, Melissa was promised that her body would heal and she would have the children she desired. After the blessing, Melissa was able to move forward with faith and stop trying to control the situation.

The next month Melissa took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Melissa and her husband were thrilled to be pregnant naturally with twins.

She said of this time, “It was this miraculous moment where I had finally fully given over my will to Heavenly Father and that’s when He stepped in and gave me that miracle.”

Navigating Depression: Anti-Depressants + the Book of Mormon

Although Melissa had the long awaited children she had prayed for, she struggled with postpartum depression. In the interview she shares the shame as well as the guilt she felt because of the depression.

She discusses how getting medical help and studying her patriarchal blessing helped her start to come out of the depression. She also shares the power she felt from accepting President Nelson’s invitation in October 2018 to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.

Melissa gives great advice on how a busy mom can fit in scripture study. She also shares the blessings she has received from reading the Book of Mormon consistently.

Disciple of Jesus Christ First and Mother Second

Melissa’s experiences have taught her that she should be a disciple of Jesus Christ first and a mother second.

She shared, “The way for me to be the best mother for my children is to have a deep relationship with God.”

Melissa also shares how her own relationship with Heavenly Father has helped her learn to be a better mother. “For me, I can have a relationship with my Heavenly Father and He can love me in a Godly way, so I can try to emulate that when I mother my children.”

We discuss how motherhood is ever changing, so it makes sense that the most important thing in our life is a constant.

Meekness Through Trials

Melissa talks about how we are prepared to do the work God calls us to. She also discusses the things she has learned about meekness from her patriarchal blessing, reading conference talks (see links in show notes) and studying D&C 25.

Melissa shares that she has learned to look back on her adversity with fondness because it has helped her to learn to be meek. Her trials have given her opportunities to be taught by the Spirit.

Overall, Melissa knows she can have a deep relationship with God. She shares her testimony that the answer to all questions and struggles is always Jesus Christ.

Show Notes

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Other resources mentioned by Melissa:

Book: You Are the Mother Your Children Need by Christie Gardiner

Conference Talk: Sister’s Participation in the Gathering of Israel by President Russell M. Nelson

Conference Talk: Covenant Women in Partnership with God by President Henry B. Eyring

Conference Talk: Meek and Lowly of Heart by Elder David A. Bednar

BYU Speech: Meek and Lowly by Elder Neal A. Maxwell

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