Why You Don’t Need to Compare Your Spiritual Journey || Monica Packer

Has motherhood been anything but natural for you? How do you mother multiple children who are all so different? Does God really speak to you as an individual? Why isn’t your spiritual journey the same as someone else’s?

If these are questions you have asked yourself, you are not alone. Today I am airing a replay of an interview I did with Monica Packer of the podcast and website About Progress. In this interview we dive in to how Monica has sought to answer all of these questions and more for herself.

When I decided to replay an episode, I instantly knew it should be this one with Monica. I originally aired this interview as my 6th episode. I was still new and not only learning how to podcast but also what the purpose of my podcast should be.

Talking to Monica opened my eyes to a new perspective about how God communicates. Before, I thought I knew because I knew how He communicated with me, but after interviewing Monica, I realized I only knew my way of communicating with deity. I started to understand there are many ways God speaks to us because we are all individuals.

This interview led me to think deeply about how a relationship with God is not “one size fits all.” Talking to Monica helped me take a new approach. I didn’t need to give mothers a “formula” or  “how to” on recognizing and developing a relationship with God. I only needed to encourage them to figure out for themselves how He communicates with them.

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The scripture Monica mentioned in the episodes is found in Doctrine and Covenants 121:1.

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