SMM 073: Widowhood + Cancer With a Focus on Jesus||Valerie Cuevas

Valerie Cuevas has maintained her focus on Jesus despite the many ups and downs she has experienced in her life.

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After being a pseudo-single mother with a husband going through medical residency, Valerie suddenly found herself facing her husband’s terminal illness and death.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer, her second time battling the disease, just six months after her husband’s passing. Valerie is now remarried and blending a family of six children. She continues to see her role as a mother shifting and changing.

Valerie tells how she has learned to embrace change and let go of expectations.

She talks about how her focus on Jesus helped her as a single mother. Even though she couldn’t always pinpoint the ways He was helping her, she knew He was there.

Valerie is real about the anger and frustration she felt towards God after her husband’s death. She is also candid about the way Christ continued to reach for her in her doubt and struggle. She discusses the many miracles she saw, especially after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Through all of the changes of motherhood, one thing has remained constant for Valerie–Jesus Christ has been there for her. As she shared, “He shows up even when we aren’t asking.”

Show Notes

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