SMM 073: Widowhood + Cancer With a Focus on Jesus||Valerie Cuevas

Valerie Cuevas has maintained her focus on Jesus despite the many ups and downs she has experienced in her life. How to Listen Listen to the podcast below or on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher or Sound Cloud.  If you like the show, please subscribe and leave a review. After being a pseudo-single mother with a husband going through medical residency,… Continue reading

SMM 051: Hope in the Arms of the Savior in Mental Health Challenges || Jamie Hutchings

My guest for episode 51 is Jamie Hutchings. Jamie is a wife and mom to three. She is a motivational speaker who frequently shares her story of beating childhood cancer, overcoming survivor’s guilt and dealing with mental health issues, including PTSD and multiple suicide attempts. In the interview, Jamie shares what she learned from her… Continue reading

SMM 008: Dealing with Cancer + Motherhood by Focusing on What is Most Important || Julie Monroe

Julie’s thoughts on dealing with cancer + motherhood: “I’ve realized in times like this when you get some hard news or you’re having a tough time, a really hard trial in your life, you can either choose to look toward God for help or you can turn away from God. I really made the choice… Continue reading