SMM 026: Parenting a Strong Willed Child + Showing Children Their Worth || Lynnette Sheppard

I’m excited to share with you my interview with my Instagram turned real-life friend, Lynnette Sheppard.  She is mostly parenting young adults and teenagers these days, and she has some real life, in the trenches experience parenting a strong willed child. She’s on the other side and has learned to rely on God. Her son has gone from a strong willed 6 year old who spit in her face to a capable, independent 20 year old who is thriving in life.

Show Recap

A key component of the guidance Lynnette felt from God in raising her strong willed son was learning how God viewed her son, how she needed to view him and ultimately, how she could help him see his own worth. She shares how this perspective changed everything for her and her son.

Lynnette and her husband view their children as “adults in training.”  She gives a really practical example of a kid throwing a tantrum for ice cream to illustrate how this long-term perspective guides her in the day-to-day decisions she makes as a mother.

Lynnette believes motherhood is “a marathon and not a sprint.” She gives advice to young mothers to view the hard, mundane years of motherhood with young children as laying a foundation. You won’t see the fruit of your labors until many years down the road, but Lynnette offers hope that all of the effort is worth it.

We also talked about doing what feels right to you in motherhood. “Do what feels right to you, regardless of what everybody else is doing.”

Over her 20+ years of motherhood, Lynnette has seen God at work in her life. She knows Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives. Lynette knows He cares about everything, even the simple things we face.

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