SMM 064: Why You Might Not Know When You are Feeling the Spirit || Darla Trendler

Welcome to Season 3! I am so excited to be back. In episode 64, I am sharing some new insights I gained about feeling the Spirit. Spoiler Alert: You might not know when you are feeling the Spirit and that is perfectly normal!

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, “How do I recognize the Holy Ghost when it comes?” you’ll want to listen.

This is a solo episode where I dive into experiences I have had with the Holy Ghost but the bulk of the episode is a recap of a devotional I found from the MTC with Elder Bednar. Elder Bednar shared some amazing stuff in a way we don’t usually hear it.

I hope you will listen and also download Elder Bednar’s MTC devotional to hear it for yourself.

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Show Notes

Go HERE to get the link to download the MTC devotional. (This is not a direct link but a place to download. Look for the MTC devotional from August 20, 2019 and download it to your device. It may take a while.)

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