SMM 061: How to Eliminate Distractions + Always Have the Spirit || Darla Trendler

Today I am doing a solo episode talking about how to eliminate distractions and always have the Spirit. This content was originally a devotional I wrote and presented at a recent girls camp. Feel free to use this episode as a resource to help you teach your older children or other youth.

Can You Hear the Music of the Spirit?

I shared a story told by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf about a violinist dressed in jeans who plays in a busy subway. Elder Uchtdorf uses this story to illustrate how we might miss the spirit in our life. The story shows why it’s important to slow down, eliminate distractions and always have the spirit with us.

What the Still Small Voice Sounds Like

These three scriptures help paint the picture of what the still small voice sounds like:

  • 1 Kings 19:11-12 – Elijah hears the voice of the Lord as he hiding because Jezebel wants to kill him.
  • 3 Nephi 11:3 – The Nephites have just gone through great destruction. They hear God’s voice introducing the Savior.
  • Helaman 5:30 – Nephi and Lehi are imprisoned and fire encircles them. The earth shakes and the people hear a voice.

Ways You Might Feel the Spirit

I shared 9 possible ways (and there are many more) you might feel the Spirit. You can read the accompanying scriptures and ponder on whether you feel the Spirit in this way.

  • Feelings of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faith, meekness (see Galatians 5:22–23)
  • Thoughts that occupy the mind or press on your feelings (see D&C 128:1)
  • A desire to do good and obey the commandments (see Mosiah 5:2)
  • A feeling that something is right (see D&C 9:8)
  • Feelings of comfort (see John 14:26)
  • Feelings that “enlarge [your] soul” (Alma 32:28)
  • Thoughts that “enlighten [your] understanding” (Alma 32:28)
  • A hunger for more truth (see Alma 32:28)
  • Feeling constrained (encouraged) to take an action or restrained (held back) from doing something (see 1 Nephi 7:15; 2 Nephi 32:7)

(This article for youth on the church website that was the source for this list.)

The Constant Influence of the Holy Ghost

In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.

President Russell M. Nelson

I talked about a time in my life where I learned the importance of eliminating distractions that were keeping me from the influence of the Holy Ghost.

How to hear the Holy Ghost and Eliminate Distractions

Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

What are the distractions that are keeping me from the still small voice in my life?

How can I eliminate those distractions?

The sacrament prayers give us clues of how we can eliminate distractions in our life.

See the prayers in D&C 20 verses 77 and 79.

“Always” Have His Spirit

“Always” is a promise we are given. I looked up the definition in the dictionary and it said this: “at all times, forever, at any rate, in any event.”  Then the dictionary listed the synonyms to the word always: consistently, constantly, continually, ever, forever, incessantly, invariably, night and day, perpetually, unfailing.

I shared another quote from President Nelson: “Does God really want to speak to you? Yes!”

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Show Notes

Listen to the BYU Devotional by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Can You Hear the Music.

See the footage of Joshua Bell playing in the subway.

Go to Episode 44: Use God as a Guide to learn more about how to discover how you feel the spirit.

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SMM 044: Use God as a Guide || Part 3 of 5

Episode 44 continues the 5-episode series on becoming more spiritually minded. The purpose of the series is to help you figure out how God speaks to you as well as learn how you receive personal revelation. Today’s topic is: Use God as a Guide.

If you listened to episodes 42 and 43, you know that each week of this series has a free printable. The episodes are focused on a portion of a quote from President Nelson’s talk from April 2018 General Conference. The talk is called Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives. Here is the part of that talk we are focusing on this week:

Does God really want to speak to you? Yes!

The printable for this week’s episode is a worksheet that will help you recognize different ways God speaks to you. There are 28 different ways you might feel the spirit listed on the sheet. Each way has scriptures you can look up. After reading the scriptures, you can ponder and write how you have felt God guiding you in this way.

It’s OK if you leave some of the boxes blank. You are an individual and God communicates with you in your own unique way. You may not feel God in all 28 ways listed and that is totally OK.

In the episode, I share some of my experiences and how I have learned to use God as a guide in my life.

I also share experiences of two previous podcast guests. You’ll hear a short clip of episode 10 with Ally Hayward and another clip of episode 14 with Michelle Garfield.

I hope the exercise on the printable and hearing other people’s experiences on the podcast will give you hope and help you realize you can figure out for yourself how God speaks to you.

This is the quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley that I included on the printable and also read at the end of the episode.

That’s the test, when all is said and done. Does it persuade one to do good, to rise, to stand tall, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be generous? Then it is of the Spirit of God. … If it invites to do good, it is of God. If it inviteth to do evil, it is of the devil. … And if you are doing the right thing and if you are living the right way, you will know in your heart what the Spirit is saying to you. You recognize the promptings of the Spirit by the fruits of the Spirit—that which enlighteneth, that which buildeth up, that which is positive and affirmative and uplifting and leads us to better thoughts and better words and better deeds is of the Spirit of God. 

If you ever feel enlightened, built up, positive, uplifted or led to do better, you are feeling the spirit. I hope this week’s episode and the printable will help you come to know that more fully in your life.

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Show Notes

Download the printables for each episode HERE.

You can find part 1: Seek a Relationship with God HERE.
You can find part 2: Build Spiritual Reserves HERE.

Listen to the full episode of my interview with Ally Hayward, episode 10, HERE.
Hear the full episode of my interview with Michelle Garfield, episode 14, HERE.

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SMM 041: Only You Can Receive Revelation for Your Motherhood || Michelle Gifford

Welcome to episode 41 of the podcast. I am so excited to be sharing my interview with Michelle Gifford. You may know her as one half of the duo from the Women With Fire podcast. She is also an entrepreneur with many businesses. In addition, Michelle is a mom to 5 kids ages 3-12 and the wife to her handsome husband.

We talk about her experiences with motherhood and she shares the process she has gone through to learn how God speaks to her. Michelle shares what a “quest” is and how to figure out what God is calling you to do.

I love Michelle’s thoughts on personal revelation. She frequently says, “Only you can receive personal revelation for your motherhood.” It blew my mind the first time I heard her say this and it did again when she said it in this interview.

We discussed how everyone must figure out for themselves how God guides and directs them personally. I also shared the overwhelming prompting I feel every time I pray and ask God what the listeners of this podcast need to hear. Listen to the end to hear what that is.

Because of the prompting I mentioned in the episode, I am announcing a 5-week series about how to become more spiritually minded starting next week with episode 42.

I will be sharing a link to download a printable for each episode topic that will help you to ponder and act on ways you can come to know how God speaks to you.

Here are the topics and episode numbers:

  • Episode 42: Seek a Relationship With God (2/20/19)
  • Episode 43: Build Spiritual Reserves (2/27/19)
  • Episode 44: Use God as a Guide (3/6/19)
  • Episode 45: Act on Promptings Felt from God (3/13/19)
  • Episode 46: Record Thoughts from God (3/20/19)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may remember I did a 5-day challenge last summer called “Five Ways to Become a More Spiritually Minded Mom.” This new series is based on that challenge. I am expanding it to 5 weeks instead of 5 days, taking out the “mom” part so anyone (like the men in your life or older children) can do it and putting out an episode focused on each topic.

I will go back to the interview style of this podcast after the 5-week series. I hope using the printable and listening will help you to know more fully how God is there for you in your life.

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Show Notes

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Michelle mentioned a video called Wrong Roads about how God helps us make decisions. Go here to see it.

To learn more about “questing” start by listening to episode 48 of The Women With Fire Podcast. Sarah and Michelle have over 20 episodes about “questing.” After you listen to episode 48, listen to additional episodes by looking for episodes with “quest” in the title. The interviews they do are also really great, so just listen to it all!!!

Go here to read President Nelson’s talk: Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives from April 2018

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