SMM 066: The Privilege of Personal Revelation|| JoEllen Woods

My guest today is JoEllen Woods, a wife and mom to four who has spent the last few years following a prompting to move overseas and travel the world with her family.

In the interview, you’ll hear how JoEllen and her husband decided to travel full time with their kids and how they felt guided by God in the process.

Their prompting eventually led JoEllen’s family to New Zealand on a 30-month visa and then to full-time travel for 6 months.

After traveling to 17 different countries, The Woods Family was at a crossroads about what was next. Listen to hear the way Heavenly Father guided them to take a leap and seek for dual citizenship in Italy.

The stories JoEllen shares show over ond over you don’t have to have the full picture to follow God. She is a great example of following a prompting, acting and then asking what the next step is and continuing to move forward.

Overall, JoEllen’s experiences have taught her personal revelation is a privilege. She knows He is by her side and that knowledge gives her the courage and confidence she needs in motherhood and in life.

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