SMM 057: How to Use Writing + Visualization as a Conduit to God|| Kristin Brown

My guest today is Kristin Brown. After experiencing 5 years of infertility, Kristin and her husband were excited to welcome boy/girl twins to their home. Kristin and her best friend, Laura,  have a podcast called The Progress Project, a personal growth podcast with conversations on how to improve little by little, while giving ourselves plenty of grace.

How Challenges Help Us

In the interview, Kristin shares how she learned through the trial of infertility that challenges help us learn exactly what we need to learn. She talks about how she was able to find peace and contentment even before she became a mother.

Purpose is More Than Roles

Kristin discusses how she learned her purpose is not totally wrapped up in motherhood and that she has worth whether she is a mother or not.

Writing, Visualization and Prayer

You’ll hear why Kristin turned to writing as a form of prayer and a way to recognize themes in her life. Kristin talks about how writing has became personal scripture just for her and a conduit to God.

Writing also led Kristin to visualization and she shares what she learned and how this practice has evolved for her.

Finally, Kristin and I discussed how hearing how others communicate with God helps us to explore and find our own methods of communication.

Confidence Through God

Kristin knows God is her partner in motherhood. She has gained confidence to do what she needs to do as a mom because she knows He is walking beside her.

How to Listen

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Show Notes

For more about Kristin’s experiences with visualization, listen to episode 61 of Kristin’s podcast, The Progress Project.

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