SMM 030: Choosing Happiness + Embracing That Your Best is Enough in Motherhood || Becca Jackson

In this episode of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast I interview Becca Jackson. Becca is on Instagram sharing tips on motherhood as well as health and fitness.  She shares how she fell into the trap of being the “Pinterest perfect mom.”  Becca talks about how she is choosing happiness instead of perfection in motherhood.

Choosing Happiness

Becca shares some personal struggles she went through after giving birth to her third daughter. She decided to make the choice to look at things differently and change her perspective, despite some negative feelings she was having.  She talks about choosing to have a positive and optimistic outlook everyday. Whether things are going good or bad, Becca believes there is always the choice to be positive.

Embracing Your Best Self

You’ll also hear about Becca’s weight-loss story and what made her finally decide to never give up. The internal transformation for Becca has been just as important as the physical changes.  She talks about body image and how she teaches her daughters confidence and living a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, Becca tells how all of the physical changes she has made tie into her spiritual life.

Becca describes how God has been her partner in motherhood and how she embraces the truth that doing her best is enough.

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