SMM 070: How to be Confident in All Your Decisions as a Mother|| Bonnie Wiscombe

From babies to teenagers, my guest for episode 70, Bonnie Wiscombe, is currently experiencing it all as a mother to nine children. Listen to hear how she has gained confidence in decisions as a mother.

You’ll hear how mothering a large family has helped Bonnie learn to be flexible, let go of expectations and trust God.

Bonnie expresses how she has learned to have confidence in her decisions as both a mother and a business owner. In regard to deciding to home school as well as start a business, she shared, “I think the biggest blessing to me is as the Lord inspires me to do things He really, really gives me a knowledge without any doubt that this is something He is guiding me in because without that, I would just give up. … You realize you are not going to reach your full potential without doing what He has inspired you to do.”

Bonnie and I also discuss comparison in motherhood. In addition, she shares her number one tip for avoiding comparison and having confidence in motherhood.

Overall, Bonnie’s testimony is God has gently guided her to make the hard decisions she has faced in life. She knows He has helped her learn to love her children unconditionally and see them as He sees them.

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Show Notes

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