SMM 095: Why You Need Other People to Help You Mother|| Rhonda Steed

When Rhonda Steed became a mom 17 years ago she quickly learned an important lesson–you need other people to help you mother. In this episode, Rhonda talks about various ways she has brought others into her children’s lives and how these people filled gaps she couldn’t fill herself, which greatly blessed her children. Ultimately, Rhonda… Continue reading

SMM 094: How to Drop Expectations in Motherhood + Family History Work || Megan Hillyer

Listen to hear how Megan Hillyer, mom to seven, learned to drop expectations in motherhood after her husband’s unexpected health issues. She shares how she knew God was aware of her even when her life wasn’t what she planned. Megan also discusses dropping expectations in family history work and shares an easy place to get… Continue reading

SMM 070: How to be Confident in All Your Decisions as a Mother|| Bonnie Wiscombe

From babies to teenagers, my guest for episode 70, Bonnie Wiscombe, is currently experiencing it all as a mother to nine children. Listen to hear how she has gained confidence in decisions as a mother. You’ll hear how mothering a large family has helped Bonnie learn to be flexible, let go of expectations and trust… Continue reading