SMM 013: Overcoming Anger + Showing Faith When Your Motherhood Plan is Not God’s Plan || Misty Trendler

When Your Motherhood Plan is Not God’s Plan

“I’ve had good days and bad days and I think that’s okay. I think that I am definitely more aware of the good days because I have had the bad days of not believing and the anger, so when I have those good times and I feel that, that he’s there,  I can build on that. … I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and what He’s blessed me with. And I’m so grateful that I have Him to lean on at times of hardship and good and know that He is there. Not always can you hear Him when you want Him but He will be there at a time that’s maybe unexpected if you truly listen and you truly look back and think, ‘He was there for me,’ and you look at the positive.”  –Misty Trendler

Show Recap

I have never personally known anyone who has faced as much adversity in motherhood as my sister-in-law, Misty Trendler. She has had numerous trials from her first child being stillborn, to being given a choice to abort a baby to enduring struggles in adoption. Misty is no stranger to adversity in motherhood.

In this interview, you’ll learn Misty’s story of motherhood and her relationship with God has many layers. At times, she’s been filled with faith and had the ability to totally turn things over to God and trust Him and yet, in other situations, she has experienced anger and frustration and has questioned God. Her story shows that we don’t have a static relationship with our Heavenly Father. We go through ups and downs with Him and that’s okay. It’s all part of the process to help us grow and become closer to Him.

You’ll see how Misty has learned to see the miracles and the blessings through the difficult situations she has endured. Most of all, you’ll learn how she has been able to keep her faith and come to know that God’s plan for her and her family was not her plan but was exactly what she needed to become the person God wants her to be.

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