SMM 003: What It Means to be a “Good Mom” + Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids || Becky Squire

“We have our strengths and we have our weaknesses but we need to focus on our strengths and realize that Heavenly Father gave us those strengths to serve our kids because that’s what they needed.”  -Becky Squire

Show Recap

This episode is an interview with Becky Squire. Becky is a writer, wife, and mom to four kids, including a brand new teenager. We talk about her definition of what it means to be a “good mom” and if you’ve ever felt inadequate as a mother because of the choices your kids are making, you’ll want to hear Becky’s take on this.

Becky shares what it means to her as a mother to “prepare more than punish” and how we are our children’s teachers in learning to be adults. We can’t make assumptions that our children already know what to do. We have to be specific in our teaching.

A difficult time for Becky in motherhood occurred when one of her children was hospitalized. Becky talks about that experience and how she got through it with the help of God.

You’ll also hear how Becky teaches spiritual habits to her children and her sort of “fake” but actually “real” way for her children to see her reading scripture! (This will make you chuckle but the principle behind her reasons are so good.)

We also talk about teaching children in the moment, using your spiritual gifts in motherhood and why YOU are the perfect mother for your children.

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Show Notes

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  • Quote about catching moments of teaching: “Catch the teaching moments.  This can be done anytime during the day – at mealtime, in casual settings, or at special sit-down times together, at the foot of the bed at the end of the day, or during an early morning walk together.  Mothers, you are your children’s best teacher.  Don’t shift this precious responsibility to day-care centers or babysitters.”  -Ezra Taft Benson
  • Becky’s favorite quote about motherhood: “Make time to teach your children the gospel and principles of gospel living when they are young.  It may be that you too will need to “renounce the world” and devote above twenty years of the prime of life in hopes to save the souls of your children.” -Ezra Taft Benson
  • Mother Teresa quote: “If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.”


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