SMM 020: What I’m Learning About Following the Spirit + Making Connections in Ministering

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast. Today’s episode is not the usual interview format. Instead, I recorded a solo episode  sharing some of my thoughts about something “spiritually minded” that’s been on my mind a lot lately–ministering. In the first half of the episode, I share clips of three previous… Continue reading

SMM 018: Divorce + Blending Families + Coming Back to God in Motherhood || Tarrin Pendergrass

Tarrin Pendergrass and her husband were recently married and with her marriage, she went from being a mom to three to a mom of 10 as her husband has seven kids in addition to her three. Although the transition to blending families into one hasn’t always been easy, Tarrin feels God has equipped her with… Continue reading

SMM 017: Life as a Military Family + Appreciating Motherhood After Infertility + Trusting God’s Timing || Noralee Jones

My guest in episode 17 of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast is Noralee Jones. Her husband is a naval officer, they have three children under the age of 4 and they just moved to a new state. She goes by Mrs. Navy Mama on social media and writes on her blog about motherhood and life as a… Continue reading

SMM 016: Practical Scripture Study for Moms + How to Go In Instead of Out to Find Peace || Courtney Casper

Courtney Casper is my guest on this week’s podcast. Courtney is a mom to three girls, a wife and currently lives about 30 minutes from the nearest stop light, so she spends a lot of time in her car. She thinks of scripture study as a “magic wand” in motherhood and has found practical ways… Continue reading