SMM 071: How to Parent Fearlessly About the Use of Technology || Emily Jones

Listen to my interview with Emily Jones, the co-founder of Family Tech University, a “drivers ed” workshop for wholesome tech use. Emily is also a Deseret Book author, wife, as well as a mother to 5. In addition, she is a passionate believer in the untapped potential of teenagers.

Parent Fearlessly

Emily and I start off discussing our love of teenagers. We both share why we shouldn’t be afraid of their questioning. Emily talks about how we can be heroic parents through parenting fearlessly instead of fearfully. She shares, “Parenting out of fear brings paralysis. It shuts off the Spirit.”

Emily believes the key to heroic parenting is to have a plan to parent fearlessly. Understanding how to navigate greatly diminishes fear.

Love or Fear?

We both share the benefits of parenting with love instead of fear. Motivating through God’s love creates confidence. Children learn to shine their own light, spread the word of God and lift each other up.

Helping Children Develop an Internal Filter

Emily shares how one statement in an April 2014 General Conference talk shaped her perspective on teaching children about tech. The statement by Sister Linda Reeves helped her see the truth of having an internal filter.

Emily discusses how she has studied kids who choose well with technology and the important truth she uncovered through this exercise.

The Benefits of Children Making Mistakes

“Don’t be afraid of our children’s errors. In fact, I would say to expect them. Think of the example of our Heavenly Father. He expected our errors. … He knew that they would come and he made a way through His son. … I think as parents we can take that same posture that we expect that they will make mistakes.”

She compares how we treat a toddler learning to walk to the way we sometimes treat our children when they make a mistake. Emily gives her belief that we can partner with our children and remove the shame and fear.

Helping Children See Their Potential

Emily shares her thoughts on how parents can help children discover what they want for their own future. She believes parents can nurture the potential and vision in their children.

Emily’s biggest message to mothers is this, “Knock, even pound, on the doors of heaven and ask Him, ‘Show me this child’s potential.'” Emily firmly believes with God’s help mothers can remind children of who they are.

How to Listen

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Show Notes

Quote Emily referenced by Sister Linda Reeves: “Filters are useful tools, but the greatest filter in the world, the only one that will ultimately work, is the personal internal filter that comes from a deep and abiding testimony of our Heavenly Father’s love and our Savior’s atoning sacrifice for each one of us.”

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