SMM 068: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Spirituality|| Miranda Anderson

A few months ago, I discovered Miranda Anderson through an interview on another podcast. I loved her positive approach to life and immediately binged episodes from her own podcast, Live Free Creative, and read her book, More Than Enough. I was thrilled when she agreed to be a guest on my podcast.

Living the Life you Want

In the episode, you’ll hear Miranda discuss how she learned to live the life she wanted. She shares key elements she has learned of contentment and gratitude as well as setting aside the message we are lacking in some way.

Miranda shared, “Today is the day that I want. The things that I have right now are the things that I want.”

A Year of No Spending

While attending a conference, Miranda heard these words, “You can do more of what you like and less of what you don’t like.” She went home with a new perspective that ultimately led her family to an experiment of no spending for a year.

Miranda realized she was in control of her life and she didn’t have to do what she had always done. She talks about the lessons her family learned from the experiment and how their takeaways were external as well as internal.

Overall, Miranda learned there is always something in your life that is good that you can be grateful for.

Creating Space

I loved discussing with Miranda how we can be responsible for our own spirituality. Miranda said, “It’s a lot more difficult to take full responsibility for our spirituality but it also makes it a lot more personal.”

Miranda also discusses how she has learned to create space in her life to do as the song says–search, ponder and pray.

She points to the example set by Christ when He took time to be away and “be.” Miranda believes “being” is as important as the “busy” things we do in the Gospel.

No Checklists in Spirituality

I was grateful to get to discuss a topic that has been on my mind a lot lately–there are no checklists with spirituality. Miranda pointed out that the shift in the church to a more home-centered approach is helping us to rely less on the structure and organization and be able to discover for ourselves what we need as spiritual beings.

Partner with God in Motherhood

Miranda talked about knowing who she is and how her divine identity translates to her role as a mother and in her relationship with God. She understands why she doesn’t have to be everything for her children. “My job is to get to know the divine beings that they already are and we learn together.”

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