SMM 022: Accepting God’s Plan + Overcoming Feeling Unworthy Before God || Reagan Ogle

Episode 22 of The Spiritually Minded Mom podcast is my interview with Reagan Ogle. I came across Reagan’s podcast, The Luckiest Mom, when I was doing research to start my podcast.  Reagan knows about accepting God’s plan for her life. She believes one of the greatest challenges of motherhood is overcoming feeling unworthy before God… Continue reading

SMM 015: Balance + Overcoming Feelings of Failure + True Self-Care in Motherhood || Elise Curtis

Show Recap Elise Curtis is a wife, mom to three and an entrepreneur. In addition to a photography and a Maskcara business, Elise is also the founder of SALT, an LDS retreat that offers a place for women to come together to feel the Spirit and connect. During our conversation Elise and I have a… Continue reading

SMM 011: Being Enough + How Motherhood Helps You Understand God’s Love || Lisa Andersen

 God’s Love “I like to think of motherhood as a chance for me to understand a little more about how God feels about me.  …So when I think about the way that I love my children, and then I pull it back to think, ‘That’s how God loves me,’ and I just think, ‘Wow!’ What… Continue reading