SMM 028: Not Comparing The Way You Love + Owning Your Spiritual Gifts || Tessa Brown

Tessa Brown is my guest today on the podcast. She’s a wife and a mom to two boys ages 2 and 4. She’s also an artist and has a beautiful Instagram account where she shows her incredible talent of artwork depicting motherhood and Jesus Christ. She has learned to embrace the spiritual gifts God has… Continue reading

SMM 011: Being Enough + How Motherhood Helps You Understand God’s Love || Lisa Andersen

 God’s Love “I like to think of motherhood as a chance for me to understand a little more about how God feels about me.  …So when I think about the way that I love my children, and then I pull it back to think, ‘That’s how God loves me,’ and I just think, ‘Wow!’ What… Continue reading