SMM 038: Faith and Trust in God’s Plan for Motherhood || Ashley Williams

God’s Plan for Motherhood

Today I am sharing my interview with my friend, Ashley Williams. She has an inspiring motherhood story involving fertility issues and a rare medical condition. Ashley’s interview also highlights her choices about balancing her talents and passions with motherhood. Through everything, Ashley has had faith and trust in God’s plan for motherhood.

Trusting God’s Timing

Ashley shares about the struggles and the years she and her husband spent trying to become parents. Though it was a difficult time, she looks back and sees how God was guiding them. She now sees how the timing was perfect, even if she didn’t understand it all at the time.

Receiving Guidance

A big part of Ashley’s story is her career as a professional oboist. She talks about how she got started on the path and how she got to the pinnacle of her professional life.

After having her first daughter, Ashley continued to pursue her musical career. She started to wonder how she would balance it all. She gives her insights on how God guided her in an unexpected way through a rare medical condition she developed.

Ashley knows God has directed her path. He guided her in treating her medical condition, making career decisions and ultimately, knowing how to focus on motherhood. As a result, Ashley knows she is never alone in motherhood.

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Show Notes

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Ashley is a talented cake decorator and I can attest to the deliciousness of her cakes! Check out her Instagram account.


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SMM 024: Letting Go of Expectations + Being Intentional in Motherhood || Crystalee Beck

If I could use one word to sum up this week’s podcast guest, Crystalee Beck’s, approach to motherhood it would be “intentional.”   From starting her day with what she calls her “3 Bs”–body, babies and business to regularly taking her kids on hikes to teach them about God and his creations, Crystalee strives to be intentional about everything she does in motherhood.

Crystalee is happily married, and a mama to two cute kids (and one on the way!).  She and her husband just celebrated their 8th anniversary. Crystalee believes in embracing motherhood in her own way. She is passionate about helping moms balance entrepreneurship and motherhood through her business, The Mama Ladder.

Show Recap

Crystalee learned early in motherhood to let go of the expectations of others and instead figure out what motherhood looks like for her. The struggle has helped her learn to appreciate the sacred and special role of being a mother.

She tells moms who feel weighed down with worrying about what others’ think of their parenting  to remember God. She said, “He’s got our back, so feel good about yourself.”

Crystalee has learned to be intentional and embrace motherhood in her own way by “living at the intersection of motherhood + entrepreneurship.” One of the ways she accomplishes this is by creating “systems” not only for her business but also for her life as a mom. She takes anything she does more than once in any area of life and makes it into a documented process.

I loved the simple but profound quote by Russell M. Nelson that Crystalee shared: “Love them, lead them and let them go.” She is grateful for the relationship she has with God as a mother and appreciates the way He has both “guided and chided” her in being the mother He wants her to be.

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Show Notes

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To read the full talk the quote by Russell M. Nelson is taken from, go here.

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