SMM 091: How We #HearHim || Listener Discussion Show

Episode 91 is a listener call-in show with a twist. I wanted to give listeners the opportunity to share about how they #HearHim in their lives, but I also felt prompted to have the sharing be live and more like a discussion. This episode is a recording of a live Zoom call with 13 women. You may want to hop over to YouTube to see the discussion in addition to hearing it on the podcast.

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I had no idea if recording live was going to work and I actually had several behind the scenes blunders, like messing up the time and audio issues on my end, but God was in the details. The spirit was present and He made up for all of my deficiencies.

Recording this episode was a beautiful, spirit-filled experience. I was reminded again that when I follow a prompting, Heavenly Father will fill in the gaps and work something that is so much more than I could ever do on my own.

Near the end, one of the guests remarked about how unique each woman’s experiences were with hearing the Savior. She said if there had been 100 women in the call, we would have heard 100 different ways to hear Him. I believe she is right.

I hope this episode reminds you that you can discover for yourself how you hear Him. God is a personal God. He will come to you in a way that makes sense for you. You are entitled to His help and you can figure out how He speaks to you in a personal way.

As Elder Bednar said recently in an email sent by the church, “My experiences may be helpful to some, but yours will be helpful to many more.” I invite you to find ways in your own life to share with others how you #HearHim. Your experiences may be just what someone else needs to hear and sharing will bless you and them together.

Thank you to these women who showed up and shared their experiences, thoughts and insights: Cheryl Cardall, Lizzy Jensen, Jodi Nicholes, Kim Rowley, Sally Dupaix, Lauren Madsen, Denita Bremer, Gabrielle Nedzi, Chelsea Bretzke, Amanda Johnson, Amber Pearce, Rhonda Steed and Kristen Smith.

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