SMM 046: Record Thoughts from God || Part 5 of 5

Episode 46 is the fifth and final episode in a 5-episode series on becoming more spiritually minded. The purpose of the series is to help you figure out how God speaks to you as well as learn how you receive personal revelation. Today’s topic is: Record Thoughts from God.

If you listened to episodes 42, 4344, and 45 you know that each week of this series has a free printable. The episodes are focused on a portion of a quote from President Nelson’s talk from April 2018 General Conference. The talk is called Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives. Here is the part of that talk we are focusing on this week:

Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Record your feelings.

The printable for this week’s episode will give you the chance to ponder on how you have seen and felt God as your partner in motherhood.

The act section of the printable is an invitation to you to start recording spiritual thoughts, impressions, feelings and tender mercies from God.

The printable also includes journal templates to help you get started. There are three different templates but they are basically all the same. You can pick the one you like the best.

There is also a blog post I wrote that you can read about the benefits of journal writing for moms. The post also goes into detail about how to use the journal templates. The blog post is called “Want to be a Better Mom? Write in Your Journal.”

In this episode, I shared five blessings you can receive from recording thoughts from God:

  • Preserve the integrity of the message.
  • Preserve the feelings of the moment.
  • Plant spiritual seeds.
  • Facilitate future sharing.
  • Enhance future revelation.

I took these topics from an article written by Tad Callister from a Church News article from October 24, 2017 called Record Spiritual Insights to Receive More Revelation in Your Life.

I hope you have enjoyed this five-part series. Hopefully, something you have heard or written onthe printables has helped you come closer to God.

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Show Notes

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To read more about Alma’s experiences writing instructions from God so he “might have them” read Mosiah 26.

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