SMM 058: Why Gratitude for Little Things Will Make Your Life Better || Heather Herbert

Heather Herbert is a wife and a mom to three children ages 19, 15 and 13. She has experienced the heartbreak of having a stillborn daughter. Heather has also had many other crises with her children. Through it all, Heather has learned life-changing lessons about how to get through difficult times.

Listen to hear how Heather learned that practicing gratitude for little things can completely change your life. She also shares how prayer has helped her in moments of crisis to know the needs of her children.

After using gratitude to help her heal from the loss of her daughter, Heather realized gratitude is a strategy that will work for anyone, no matter what loss, trial or struggle they are experiencing.

As a result of her experience, Heather started The Sweet Me Project, a workbook to record gratitude, celebrate life and see the beauty, even in hard times.

Heather and I also discuss the message I share over and over on this podcast. God can give us exactly what we need in the moment we need it. And He knows what our kids need too. He knows them better than we know them.

Heather has learned to show her kids she isn’t perfect. As a result, she knows that humility has also enabled her to learn things from her children.

Overall, Heather’s story offers hope that despite heartache, God is there. We can feel His promptings, peace and reassurance. We can have a beautiful partnership in motherhood with Him.

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Show Notes

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