SMM 097: How to Teach the Gospel to Teens in a Way that Avoids Lectures and Promotes Connection || Jerry Gerard

I’ve been hinting at it forever.

Introducing my brand new course!

I’m so happy to give you a sneak peak into my new course, The Latter-day Mom’s Guide to Spiritually Empowering Your Teen.

Episode 97 is actually module 1 of the course. I am airing the interview for module 1 on the podcast for free, so you can get a taste of what the full course is like.

How to Listen

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You will hear my interview with Jerry Gerard, a father of 12 and author of the book Partners with God. Jerry was our family’s bishop when we were starting our own parenting journey. My husband and I have looked to Jerry and his wife, Melanie, many times when we were decided how to parent our children.

You will hear tons of great parenting advice, even if you don’t have a teenager yet. You will hear Jerry share the number 1 reason you need to teach the gospel in your home. Jerry also identifies three methods of teaching the gospel that avoid lectures and actually promote connection with teens.

Get Module 1 Access for Free

I am also giving you access to my members area for the course so you can check out all of module 1 for FREE, including the workbook for module 1.

I wanted this course to be more than just some good information about how to spiritually empower your teen. When you act, you will feel power in your life. That’s why I created a workbook to help you act on what you are learning in the course.

The workbook for each module will help you focus on three things–learn, reflect, apply.

The course officially launches on July 13th and you can purchase it at a founding member price of $77 between now and July 9th.

Are you ready to start helping your teen be spiritually empowered? Learn more about the course now.

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