SMM 056: How to See God in the Small Moments of Life ||Heidi Tucker

My guest in episode 56 is Heidi Tucker. Heidi is a wife, a mom to four adult children and a grandma to 9 grandchildren. She is the author of two books, Finding Hope in the Journey and Servie’s Song. Heidi is known as a great storyteller who believes every story not only teaches a gospel principle but can make you feel it.

In the interview Heidi shares how she knew through a dream she needed to write a book even though she was going through one of the lowest times of her life. We discussed how you don’t have to be in an ideal time in your life to do His work. God can use you if you take a step and act.

She shares how God answered a prayer through a total stranger she encountered on a hike who said just three words to her, “Go get ’em.”

As a mom who has raised her children, Heidi discussed several perspectives and insights she has gained in motherhood. She talked why rescuing children at every turn erases the child’s growth, why lectures aren’t effective and how to pick your battles.

Heidi also shared her perspective on how to deal with children who have struggles and questions about faith and God. She speaks to what she has personally done and learned in these situations and gives practical advice to other mothers struggling with children choosing a different path.

At the end, Heidi shares how a swarm of butterflies taught her God is aware of her. Heidi has seen and felt Him as her partner as she has acted on the quiet thoughts He has given her.

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Heidi and I will both be speaking at the Moms Who Stick Together Conference coming up on August 16th and 17th in Mesa, Arizona. You can use the code “StickTogether” for $20 off your ticket. I would love to meet you there and I know Heidi would too!

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