SMM 055: How to Find Answers from a Position of Faith + Know Christ is a Champion of Women || Bergen Hyde

I am happy to welcome Bergen Hyde to the podcast. Bergen is the co-founder and creative director of WOMB, which you’ll more about in the interview. Bergen is married and has 3 children. Her number one passion is women’s issues, especially within the context of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she loves helping other women claim their power.

In the interview, Bergen shares three amazing lessons she has learned in motherhood.

Lesson 1: I’m happier and more fulfilled when I am an agent in my own life.

Bergen shares about how she came to know that motherhood was a choice she was making and how she realized she could choose something different. I loved her thoughts about how choosing from a whole place and with God’s guidance helps things work out.

Lesson 2: I can engage the Lord in hard questions from a position of faith.

If you are struggling or have ever struggled with questions about God, you will want to hear what Bergen has to say. She believes when we ask questions from a position of faith and find answers, we can help to make changes. She asks questions with the assumption she has heavenly parents who love her. Our discussion also addressed dealing with feelings of not receiving answers from God.

Lesson 3: Christ is a champion of women.

Bergen shared her own story of letting go of the darkness she felt inside. She talks about how she learned to feel the feelings and let them out but how she still did not feel whole.

She shares her experience of filling the hole she felt inside by turning to Christ.

No matter what wounds we have. No matter how dark. No matter how deep, Christ can heal them. … Christ is the only one who can fully heal those things for us. … His arms were always stretched out to me.

Bergen Hyde

Bergen’s story illustrates so well that learning to come to the Savior is a process. Her story gives hope to anyone who is struggling.

This episode also emphasizes how sharing our stories helps us remember we are not alone and offers hope. Bergen encourages other women to create the conversations they wish were happening.

Ultimately, Bergen shares how she knows the Savior “softens everything and sweetens everything and makes things holy.”

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Womb Sisters is holding a retreat on June 8th. You can go HERE to find the details.

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You can go HERE to listen to my interview with the creator of the SALT Gathering, Elise Curtis.

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