SMM 033: The Significance of Motherhood When You Are Not a Mother || Cami DeWitt

Cami DeWitt, my guest for episode 33, has an interesting and powerful perspective on motherhood because she is not a mother herself. Cami has never been married and has no children of her own, however you will relate to the things she shares.

“Hi, I’m Cami and I am light, love and happiness. I bring value everywhere I go.” This is how Cami introduces herself. What is not to love about a person who believes these words?!

When Cami was 16, she had her whole life planned out. Many of those goals and dreams haven’t happened the way Cami hoped, but she is real and vulnerable about the disappointments she has experienced.

Cami shares how she changed her perspective and has found peace with the path her life has taken. She knows being a “mother” can come in many different forms.

As a life coach, Cami specializes in helping parents. Cami relates the things she has learned from the mothers she’s coached. Cami’s approach in coaching is to help mothers learn who they are truly meant to be.

Ultimately, Cami knows that God loves her. Because she looks for Him, she sees Him in all the things she is doing to “mother.”

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