SMM 026: Parenting a Strong Willed Child + Showing Children Their Worth || Lynnette Sheppard

I’m excited to share with you my interview with my Instagram turned real-life friend, Lynnette Sheppard.  She is mostly parenting young adults and teenagers these days, and she has some real life, in the trenches experience parenting a strong willed child. She’s on the other side and has learned to rely on God. Her son… Continue reading

SMM 025: Mothering a Child with Mental Illness || Amanda Louder

Today’s topic of raising a child with mental illness is one I have wanted to talk more about for a while. I have reached out to a few people to share their experiences, however it hasn’t been right for them to tell their stories. Fortunately, Amanda Louder answered my prayers by reaching out to me… Continue reading

SMM 003: What It Means to be a “Good Mom” + Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids || Becky Squire

“We have our strengths and we have our weaknesses but we need to focus on our strengths and realize that Heavenly Father gave us those strengths to serve our kids because that’s what they needed.”  -Becky Squire Show Recap This episode is an interview with Becky Squire. Becky is a writer, wife, and mom to four kids,… Continue reading